The Leading Variable Data Publishing Technology

With VDP technologies, print service providers can deliver a wide range of applications for end users in a number of different vertical markets. From customized billing transactions, to tailored brochures and newsletters or targeted direct mail campaigns, personalized print marketing solutions deliver meaningful and relevant information by tapping into existing customer or prospect data or acquiring data files from outside sources. Personalized graphic communication, whether online or print, has been proven to increase response rates, shorten response times, and increase the size and frequency of purchases.

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FusionPro VDP Solutions

FusionPro VDP Creator

FusionPro Desktop FusionPro® VDP Creator (formerly FusionPro Desktop) is the industry-leading variable data publishing (VDP) solution that brings template design, data file definition, business logic and print-stream creation together into one cross-platform program to produce personalized printed materials. From extremely complex to very simple, FusionPro VDP Creator can help print service providers produce marketing collateral materials that incorporate customer or prospect data to create highly personalized messaging. This desktop-based platform supports both design and output of targeted VDP print streams, including nine optimized VDP output formats, via an Adobe Acrobat® plug-in. Powerful business logic rules can be created via a simple drag-and-drop interface or through JavaScript. Featuring a scalable VDP workflow, FusionPro VDP Creator templates can be easily incorporated into any of the other FusionPro solutions to meet specific client needs.
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FusionPro VDP Producer

FusionPro Direct FusionPro® VDP Producer is a server-based application that accepts unlimited, simultaneous variable data publishing (VDP) job submissions into a centralized job queue, where they can be viewed and controlled from any FusionPro VDP Creator or Designer workstation. Built for large or complex VDP jobs, FusionPro VDP Producer can be installed in minutes and requires no programming. Requests flow directly to FusionPro VDP Producer, offloading the VDP composition process from local desktop machines. Email notification and the ability to copy finished VDP output to a RIP hot folder offer time-saving and cost-effective workflow automation, for a higher margin per job than traditional VDP workflows that require numerous hands-on processes.
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FusionPro VDP Producer (API)

FusionPro Server FusionPro® VDP Producer (API) helps create and manage large-scale personalized marketing collateral programs using the core FusionPro variable data publishing (VDP) composition engine. It can be integrated with a variety of Web-to-print solutions and high-volume, hands-off internal VDP composition workflows, generating tens of thousands of document pages per hour from layouts created with FusionPro VDP Creator.
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