PTI Marketing Technologies®

Launched in 2000, PTI Marketing Technologies® is a leading provider of technologies for intelligent marketing for both enterprise users and print service providers. Built on open-architected technology, PTI offers both online marketing collateral management systems (available in both Software as a Service [SaaS] and server versions) and scalable personalization software to produce powerful, customized marketing campaigns.

PTI helps streamline marketing operations with Web-to-print and collateral management solutions that eliminate the manual processes for ordering, personalization, production and fulfillment of marketing communications materials. End users can access a centralized store of marketing and promotional items and can create, edit, and order materials that fully comply with brand and regulatory requirements. PTI's personalized direct marketing solutions deliver meaningful and relevant information using existing customer/prospect information or acquired data to increase response rates, shorten response times and increase the size and frequency of purchases. PTI's online solutions are easily integrated with a variety of third-party business applications.

PTI Marketing Technologies® is committed to providing vendor-hosted systems that provide for a much more rapid trajectory from implementation to deployment compared with traditionally licensed software. Our customers receive immediate and ongoing access to product enhancements and can focus on their core business, rather than spending resources on challenging application implementations. They also benefit from greater scalability and access to sophisticated enterprise applications that were previously cost- and time-prohibitive to purchase, install and support.

Businesses are turning in ever greater numbers to PTI to streamline workflow and provide a gateway to enhanced services. More and more customers know what they want to do online, and they want access to the tools to do it. Those choosing hosted software solutions, like those offered by PTI, stand to significantly benefit from a streamlined digital process for greater productivity, increased job volume and a growing list of their own satisfied clients.

Today, more than 1,700 corporate customers use solutions from PTI Marketing Technologies® to serve over 400,000 end users; more than 100 of the Fortune 500 offer desktop access to PTI products.